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Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Over 40 locations globally and counting.

Made for the best.

Performance. Reliability. Scalability. Have it all with predictable pricing.


  • 29,845,997 GB of traffic served and trusted in 2021.
  • Opt for up to 99.999% SLA. 30x SLA Credits.


  • Battle-tested to scale from one to 500 within 30 seconds. Best part? No DevOps needed to deploy or manage Kubernetes, human-friendly UI and CLIs available.
  • Even one core is too many? Deploy code instead of VM. Only billed for what the code uses.

Virtual Router

  • Share Private and Public IPs for all your services.
  • Secure your services using Account and Zone Level Firewalls.
  • Establish a VPC from anywhere to anywhere.
  • Share the purchased egress bandwidth for cost savings and predictable network performance.

Aria Proxy

  • We forked Nginx, then made it work way more magically than it already was.
  • Aria serves millions of requests every single day and are battle-hardened by our engineers committing patches every single week.
  • Aria provides automatic TLS certificate management, WAF, and edge caching. Best thing? Fully managed by us to maintain, update and patch exploits in record time.

Caesar Monitoring

  • See Application Layer requests passing through every single point in our global infrastructure, bring own aggregator or visualize using our in-house analytics.

Data Backup / Restore
also available via shipped Hard Drives

  • We really wanted to say no data is ever too big for us to store. However, 1 Exabyte is the practical limit.


If you really want to, sure.

Tier 1 Service Partners

Ensures both connection quality and reliability to your end customer.

Load Balancer

Nothing special. We just have 10 second interval health checks.

Distributed File System

Compatible with S3, Hadoop, WebDAV, and even NFS.

Why Maikiwi?

Natural Communicators

  • Real human support 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Available to customers of all sizes.
  • Priority Support on Telegram available as an add-on, also a chance to ask our support team anything they are comfortable telling you.
  • Negotiable discounts at scale that actually saves money.

Reliable track record for the past, maintaining it for the future.

  • About half of our enterprise customers maintained an uptime of 100% for the year 2021.
  • For those who did not, the minimum uptime was 99.98%, which equates to no more than 9 minutes of downtime per month.


  • All user data is stored and managed at Zurich, Switzerland—known for enforcing one of the world's strongest privacy laws.
  • Traffic from managed services are encrypted in transit and at rest.

Zero Cost Abstraction Infrastructure

  • Using managed services such as Aegis Shield and Aria Proxy poses minimal performance impact to the mission-critical business behind it.
  • We grow with you from start to success.

Aegis Shield

  • Advanced DDoS Protection powered by Machine Learning when combined with Aria Proxy. Even the most sophisticated attacks never leaves our edge locations which significantly reduces origin load and brings peace of mind to DevOps.

Industry-exceeding obsession with China Network*

  • Accelerating your traffic in the world's most congested region means that you have to be the closest to your user than anyone else.
  • Do it with 12 locations (and counting) in mainland China.
  • *Requires government compliance and certification.

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